Translate Plugin

Woocommerce Gift Cards can be translated to your language.

Use your own translation files

This short guide will show you how to use your own translation files and translate Woocommerce Gift Cards into your own language.

1. Create your translation file. 

Using  POEdit, open the file in the Woocommerce Gift Cards plugin found here:


Once you have the file in POEdit, enter your translations into POEdit and then save your translation by going to "File" > "Compile to MO". Save the file so it sits in this directory: wp-content/languages/wpr/

And set the filename to be:

Take note that the last part of the filename (de_DE) will change based on your language. This is called a "WP Locale". You can find your language's WP Locale by looking at the WP Locale column in the  language list

For example, if your language is France French the file name would be:

If your language is Canadian English the file name would be:

The best way to use the language files is to store the translation files outside of the plugin's directory. This is so that when the plugin is updated, it doesn't overwrite your custom translation files. The wp-content/languages/ directory is safe from updates while the wp-content/plugins directory is not. 

2. Change the language your WordPress uses. 

To do this, log into your WordPress dashboard and go to "Settings" > "General" > "Site Language". Change it to your language and your translation files will be used.

NOTE: The process for translating the premium plugins will be the same however you will just need to modify the folder where the translation is stored.

Use other plugins to do the translation

There are some plugins available that help with the translation process directly through the wordpress admin.  One of the popular plugins is called Loco Translate.

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