Auto Send Not Working

If you are having trouble with sending out your gift cards you will want to check a few things first.

1. Make sure you site is able to send out email

You can do this by placing a regular order and see if you get an email receipt.  If you do its probably something else.

2. Check the settings

In the Auto Send setting you will find a place where it signifies when the gift card is being sent.  For example it could be sent when the order is complete.  To make sure that its working as you would expect, you will want to take a look at what your order status are being put into.  So if you have it set up to send the gift card on orders being completed but the orders never get out of the processing or on hold status the card will sit there.  

You can also go into the order and mark it as complete and the card will be sent out.  This is a way to ensure that gift cards are sent after you get paid.

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